The West Australian University Amateur Athletics Club, known as UWAAAC, was formed in March, 1928, by Messrs, W.T.G. Richards and C. N. Cook. However Athletics actually started in 1918 at the University with an inaugural sports day.

In the early days the club's athletes consisted of University Students only, membership consisted of men with the women belonging to the University Athletics club. The club has grown to be one of the biggest clubs in Australia, as we headed into 1969-70 the club numbers were at 67, the club has since grown to over 280 members, with members now as young as 11 through to the ‘veterans’, we won't mention ages.

The first competition saw uneven turf, and the times would not be recognised these days. Starting was by means of a temperamental pistol which was the only piece of equipment the Sports Council possessed. It was mainly used by the Boat Club, which caused a crisis by losing it in 1927. If a gale helped the runners at the sports, good luck to them; it had to be a calamitous start to induce the starter to waste another cartridge; and it was like winning a lottery to draw the inside position in the 220 yards, there being no lanes on the circular track.

We have come a long way from only having up to six competitions a season, with lanes marked using saw dust or rope - in the mornings of a competition by athletes and officials and the poles of pole vault made out of bamboo with a metal stake in the end and no mat’s used for pole vault or high jump, to where we are today.

As the club has progressed into the year 2023 with members now reaching 280 and athletes becoming world champions, the UWA Athletics club is one of the most successful clubs in the world.

Club Values 

We are affliated with the University Of Western Australia and align to their values:


We consistently pursue the highest levels of achievement, creating the best outcomes possible.


We are honest and ethical and show respect for, and appreciate, each other, our partners and our communities — valuing our differences.


We are constantly, and creatively, improving and adapting.


We share our collective intelligence to achieve more.


We are committed to providing everyone at UWA equality of opportunity, experience and outcome.

Membership is open to athletes turning 11 and over (in the current calendar year) and abilities for both students and the general public. Visit our Membership page for full details on membership, training, coaches and competition. 

UWA Athletics Club is an affiliated club of The University of WA Sport. We are governed by Athletics West and in turn Athletics Australia, we are directed by their members protection policy and code of conduct.