State Relay Championships



Athletics West hosts the WA State Relay Championships each year. This includes 4x100m, 4x400m, Distance Medley Relay and Field Relays. Athletes are selected to represent the club in the State Relay Championships by the Club Committee in accordance with selection criteria Policy outlined below.


Selection Criteria Policy

For the open age (Senior) and under 20 relays, Two teams are selected:

  • Based on the performances within the past 12 months (at any athletics meet)  with consideration also given to current season performances.  
  • The top 8 athletes based over the last 12 months performances are chosen.
  • Little Athletics results are not considered as part of the selection process for the open or under 20 relays.
  • Under 20 Athletes are eligible to compete in the open relays. Noting that the club will endeavour to accomodate under 20 athletes in the Under 20 teams in the first instance, there will however be instances where Under 20 athletes will be required to run up an age group.
  • If an athlete is unavailable, the next highest ranked athlete will be offered a position. This is for all track and field relays.
  • Athletes wishing to compete will need to have competed in events relating to the distances of the relay, for example, 100m relays -athletes will need to have competed in a 100m, 60m or a 200m etc and 400m will need to have competed in am indivdual 400m within the last 12 months of the relays being offered, and so forth.


  • Athletes must wear the FULL UWA uniform. This is blue shorts, not black shorts or briefs, you are not permitted to wear the state black briefs these are not UWA uniform. Athletes not in full uniform are not permitted to compete. Uniforms can be purchased at the UWA shop.

Notification of Teams

  • Athlete selections are sent out 2 weeks prior, as such results 2 weeks prior to the relays are not taken into consideration.
  • Athletes will be notified of their selection by email or telephone prior to the Championships and will be provided with a reasonable timeframe to confirm their acceptance of the position in the team.
  • Athletes who do not reply to confirm their acceptance in their selected relay by the specified date, will lose their relay spot to the next highest ranked athlete in their events. If an athlete is unavailable, the next highest ranked athlete will be offered a position. This is for all track and field relays.

Relay Practice

  • Athletes in the 4x100m teams are expected to participate in at least one relay practice.

Changes to teams

  • Teams are subject to change, this is to fill spots across other teams.
  • Atheltes will be contacted via email or phone if there are changes.
  • Final start lists will be sent to athletes if there are changes

Additional teams

If Athletics West allow for additional teams to be submitted, UWAAC will offer athletes the opportunity to run in an additional team based on expressions of interest. Selection for these teams will be again based on performance, but will also take into consideration club involvement.

It should be noted that only A and B teams can medal, additional teams are not eligible for medals.

To view the Athletics West state relay rules please click here.

Last updated October 2024.