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History of the big 6

The first Inaugural BIG SIX was on 14th February 1979. the concept was the idea of previous member Glenn Stewart.

The meeting drew a good crowd and some impressive performances were witnessed, including, the most impressive and outstanding competitor, Colleen Beazley(now Pekin) raced over 100m in 11.5 seconds to demoralise her opposition. While Alec Brown was named the best men’s performer when he put the shot 15.78m.

After years of success it was  decided that this was a fantastic pathway to showcase to our Little members what you can achieve. The big  6 is now a show case event at a UWA Little Athletics meet, whereby the senior UWA club invites the  top 6 athletes to compete across a number of events.  This has become the UWA's biggest community event. 

2023 big 6 - summary

This years Big 6 is going to be a BIG one! Come down and watch WA’s six top athletes compete over a range of events inconjunction with UWALAC competition! With inclusion of All comers 4 by 400m Relay to contend for the Wheeler-Foreman Trophy , this year’s Big 6 is not to be missed. The Big 6 events are held within the UWA Little Athletics program, the program is yet to be confirmed.

2023 Big 6 Program of Events
0745am Warm up with Nina Kennedy and Kurtis Marschall
0800 am Womens and Mens Long Jump
0830am Womens 300m
0835am Mens 300m
0840 am Mens Shot put
0855am Mens High Jump
0915am Womens Elimination Mile
0920am Mens Elimination Mile
0940am All Comers Community 4 by 400m Relay
1000am Para 100m
1005am Womens 60m
1010am Mens 60m

*Marshal times are 15 minutes prior at the marshall tent located next to the UWA Shed and UWA Little A Canteen

Start Lists and results 

2023 Start Lists  (Correct as of 2pm 30/11/2023)

2023 Results 

2022 Results can be found here.

All  Comers 4 by 400m

Interested in submitting a team for the All Comers 4 by 400m Relay? Entry is free. Grab a team from work, family members or even your next door neighbours..... and cliam your bragging rights! Please note, to ensure fairness, teams are only permitted one Senior  registered track or field athlete per team. 

Register here  or email info@uwaac.com.au for more information, entries will be accepted on the day.

Selection Policy

This is an invitational event hosted by UWA Senior Athletics Club.

All Athletes are invited and considered based on their past 12 months performance, this includes their current season performances (and last 12 months) (at any athletics meet), to an event that relates to the big 6 event, for example for the mile 1500m time are considered, for the 300 both 200 and 400m times are considered and for the 60m a 60m and a 100m times are considered. The top 6 Athletes are not necessarily the top 6 of the current season, the club reiterates it is based off the last 12 months of any athletics meet.

The club does not seek expressions of interest. Invitiations are made by and at the discretion of the UWA Committee, this is NOT a Athletics West run event. Social media posts are made public advising athletes the club will be seeking athletes to compete at the big 6, encouraging athletes to compete to ensure their spot is secured.

Athlete invites are sent out 3 weeks prior, as such results 3 weeks prior are NOT taken into consideration.

Selected athletes must respond by the rsvp date. A no response will result in the athlete loosing their spot in the event and the next appropriate athlete will be selected. Please note that this is a UWA Run event and is not a sanctioned event and has a strong focus on community.The top 6 Athletes are not necessarily the top 6 of the current season, the club reiterates it is based off the last 12 months of any athletics meet.

To note: The UWA volunteer based committee makes its best attempts to invite the top 6 athletes over the last 12 months to compete in the events. There will be occassions where athletes may be accidently overseen.